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Milestone Disc Set | SPECKLED (MIXED)

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Salt & Pine Store is the original creator of painted acrylic milestone sets. You've come to the right place!

Say hello to our unique mixed speckled milestone disc set. Consisting of 14 discs from birth to 12 months, these are the perfect gender neutral piece to document the growth of your new little one.

NEW - Choose what you'd like your first disc to say! Scroll down to see the options.

Made to order - please allow a 6 week turnaround time + shipping.

Product details:
Acrylic discs, each handpainted with waterbased acrylic paints and coated with clear acrylic. Please expect some discs & colours to have a 'painted' or slightly lighter and darker in spots effect, this is due to particular colours used.

Packaged with a round of tissue paper between each one to prevent sticking, in a sweet little reusable eco-friendly drawstring bag.

Size details:
Discs are 10cm in diameter.

Care instructions:
Please do not allow your child to put this product in their mouths. While the paints are waterbased and coated, it is best to err on the side of caution.
Store them in their bag with each one separated with a piece of tissue paper.