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Birth Announcement Etched Wooden Arch | RAINBOW EARTH SIDE

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Our Rainbow 'Earth Side' wooden arch plaque is the perfect piece for announcing the arrival of your little one into the world. This piece was designed with timelessness in mind, and is a beautiful addition to your babes nursery and a keepsake that can be passed on for generations. These are specially cut and etched just for Salt & Pine Store from the highest quality plywood.

This plaque is 13cm wide and 16cm high.

Please handle with care. These plaques are not toys and are purely designed to be used as photography props only. Adult supervision is required at all times. Do not hang this product above a crib or anywhere else that it may cause a hazard. 

Please note: Due to the nature of plywood, the wood grain and colour may vary from pictures shown. Variations may include light or dark coloured areas, knots and other inconsistencies. None of these are considered a fault, but rather are a reflection of the unique natural beauty of the raw materials used.